Tours of Mallorca

Tour Mallorca Island with me! Mallorca is a beautiful island situated off the coast of Spain. The warm Mediterranean Sea surrounds the island with warm and clear salt water. Mallorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands located to the east of Spain. The island has modern vacation resorts and Roman and Moorish remains and mountains made of limestone. You will learn the history of Mallorca, I will be your tour guide and show you beautiful locations. We can visit Drach Caves, Valldemossa and Soller, and many more.

I am so looking forward to visitors and guests again arriving to my lovely vacation island, Mallorca!

Tour of Mallorca
Walking Tour of Mallorca Island

My name is Daniela and for many years I have enjoyed living on this delightful island. Please contact me to Tour Mallorca Island. My tours of Mallorca are unique and can be designed by you, my client. I can also give suggestions of my favorite locations on Mallorca depending on your interests.

Tour Mallorca Island with Daniela!

No big groups, no hassles, just a fun, informative and personalized tour!

Display of Mallorcan lemons for sale
Tour Mallorca with Daniela

Best Local Tours by Daniela

In this website you will see photographs of locations on Mallorca that are most interesting for tours. Above all, these locations are a photographers’ paradise with old stone villages and fresh olive trees along the roadside. I know Mallorca, so tell me your interests and I will make an interesting tour for you. You may already know that one of Mallorca’s very famous beaches is Es Trenc. It is popular because of it’s rugged beauty. My tours are available any day of the week and most times during the day.

Mallorca Island tours
Enjoy your Tour of Mallorca with Daniela

Mallorca Island History

Mallorca Island has been inhabited since 6000 to 4000 BC. Then the Carthaginians, and later the Romans occupied the area around 123 BC. The island was formed around 150 million years ago. It is believed that Mallorca was connected to the mainland of Spain as an underwater island, before its current land configuration. Mallorca is sometimes spelled as Majorca, which is the Anglicized version of the Spanish spelling of Mallorca. Palma de Mallorca is now a modern city with a very rich history going back thousands of years.

delicious food on Mallorca
Delicious food at Palma Market

Mallorca Wines

Oh, the wonderful and tasty wines from Mallorca! Francesco was one of my recent tour clients from the USA and he remarked about the fresh and vibrant taste of Mallorca wines. His tour of Palma de Mallorca included an expedition to find the best Tapas and wines of Mallorca. Mallorca produces truly award winning wines. We can travel to a boutique family vineyards where we will have a private wine tasting of several varieties of wine from vineyards on Mallorca.

Wine tasting at Mallorca Island vineyard
Wine tasting at Mallorca vineyard