Boat Tour Mallorca

tour Mallorca by boat

Tour Mallorca by Boat

Just look at the vibrant colors of the Mediterranean Sea in the above picture! With a Mallorca boat tour, you will experience the vibrant and bright colors of the sea surrounding Mallorca Island! In the morning we have calm waters and by later afternoon there are some waves pushing onto the shoreline. There are luxury yachts, catamarans, sail boats and dolphin watching tours available. Oh, and for the young at heart, jet skis! The coastline of Mallorca is more than 500 kilometers. There are hidden little harbors on the north side of the island to explore and of course the busy, big harbors to explore while traveling by boat.

Explore Mallorca Island by Boat

In Palma, there are quick tours that travel around the large harbor with boats and yachts of all sizes docked in slips. On the north side of Mallorca, another Mallorca boat tour includes full day dolphin watch. There are fishing tours and special tours to include children where the family can swim in secluded harbors.

Joy of Boating

When you are on a boat with your family, there are so many reasons to enjoy boating with your family and friends. There is adventure; you will learn boating language, it’s fun and you are getting away from all the noise of a busy city with cars and buses. Your muscles are being well used as you sit or walk because you are balancing yourself with the rolling and rocking boat movements.