Visit Caves of Mallorca

Tour the Drach Caves

There are so many beautiful locations to visit on Mallorca. On your tour of Drach Caves with me, you will see what the locals know and treasure. For many years I have provided tours to visitors from all over the world. I enjoy this island; it is now my home. So, let me suggest a fun and educational visit of the Drach Caves. The caves are located on the east coast of Mallorca, about 65 kilometers from Palma. A village nearby the caves is Porto Cristo.

Drach Caves Tour of lakes
Lakes in Drach Caves

The Caves of Drach is a huge underground area of stalactites and stalagmites. The tour lasts about one hour. Drach Caves has one of the largest underground lakes in Europe. You will be amazed as classical musicians are in boats, providing a musical concert to the visitors. There are four caves that are interconnected. This includes the White Cave, the Black Cave, The Cave of Luis Salvador and the Cave of The French.

Picture of Drach Caves
Drach Caves
view near Drach Caves
Beautiful View at Entrance to Drach Caves

Let’s Tour Drach Caves!

no large groups, no hassles, just a fun and informative tour!

Wine tasting at Sineu vineyard
Wine Tasting in Sineu

Visit Village of Sineu

After the Drach Caves tour, we can travel to Sineu, where we can taste wines of Mallorca and see this historic village. This charming village is on a hill with its origin dating back to Roman Empire. In the 13th century, Sineu was the capital of Mallorca. Now, the village is known for its open market on Wednesday. The hours are from 8am to 1pm and has been operating for nearly 700 years. Sineu village center has its main and side streets closed for great selections of foods, leathers and ceramics.

Sineu is located in the heart and center of Mallorca. The Church of Santa Maria is a main attraction in the village. In the church is a little museum which features medieval pottery. On August 15, the town celebrates their patron saint. The village is vibrant with parties and live music in the streets.