Hike Dry-Stone Route Gr221

Daniela, hiking tour guide

Dry Stone Route through Tramuntana

I can be your guide as you hike along Dry-Stone Route Gr221, it is a popular and great trail to hike in the Serra de Tramuntana of Mallorca. There are different paths for novices and some for experienced hikers. Recently, I gave a guided tour with three hikers from Germany. We met in Soller, and our goal was to hike along a portion of Dry-Stone Route Gr221 to Biniaraix and a few other hamlets including Fornalutx along the route. Visit my Mallorca Hiking Tours page for more information about various hiking tours.

hiking tour of Gr 221 on Mallorca Island
My favorite orange orchard on the Gr 221 trail

Hike Gr221 Soller to Biniaraix

Our few hours of hiking on the Dry Stone Route Gr221 were relaxed and enjoyable. We saw the terraces built along the hills of Soller that are hundreds of years old. You will learn that the walls were built between the 13th and 15th century. My hikers were also interested in seeing my favorite orange orchard and enjoying local foods along our chosen route.

farmhouse in Biniaraix
Farmhouse on Gr221 in Biniaraix

Additionally, you see why this route is called the Dry Stone Route Gr221. It is because of the old cobble stones that have been in place for many years. It is an enjoyable walk to see olive gardens, stone constructed homes. The length of the casual walk is just 30 minutes and 1.8 kilometers. If you want a longer hike, we could take the trail from Soller to Biniaraix. After an hour or so resting in Biniaraix, we then continue to Fornalutx and circle back to Soller on another trail. The trail for Soller to Biniaraix and further to Fornalutx takes about 2 hours to complete. The distance of this trek loop is just under 5 miles.

Hiking tour of Biniaraix
One and only bar and cafe in Biniaraix

Visit Agricultural Cooperative of Soller

The farmers in the valley created the agricultural cooperative in 1899. It is a store open to the public to purchase locally produced products including, olive oils, spices, oranges and jams. Of course, the famous and favored jam available at the cooperative is orange marmalade. The cooperative also has a particular purpose for promoting citrus and manufactured extra virgin oil from the region.

Agricola de Soller
Farmers Co-op Market in Soller
produce market
Fresh produce from Agricultural Cooperative of Soller

Mallorca hiking tour trail
Hiking through orange orchard on Mallorca Island

Valldemossa to Soller Hike

During our Mallorca hike, we will walk on The Archdukes Path. It is on mountain tops; so, it is best traveling during good weather. Once we depart Valldemossa, we are traveling upwards! Depending on our Dry-Stone Route Gr221 trail, the duration is about 5 to 6 hours. Once we get to Soller, the distance to Port Soller is just 4 kilometers. Additionally, you will see why the area of Soller and Biniaraix is known as “Valley of the Oranges”.