Estellencs Mountain Village

Estellencs beach

Tour Estellencs Mountain Village

Estellencs Mountain village is located between Andratx and Banyalbufar. Traveling to this mountain hamlet is quite an experience. This picturesque town is located in Tramuntana Mountains. So, you will travel under mountains through a tunnel that is about 2 kilometers in length. Once you are through the mountains, the road continues along the side of the mountains with great views of the sea.

View of Estellencs beach
Cafe with view of Estellencs Harbor

Hike Estellencs Village on Dry Stone Route

The Estellencs Mountain village is a great starting point for a hiking tour through the mountains. Once you arrive, you will notice it is not a tourist depot. In fact, mostly locals enjoy the beach and cafes. Estellencs Village is located 45 kilometers from Palma, the travel time is about one hour. In addition to trekking, bicycling is also an option.

Daniela, tour guide at Estellencs
Daniela, tour guide enjoying view of Estellencs Beach

Estellencs Beaches

Estellencs has a small beach area. The beach is just a kilometer or so down from the village. Historically, Cala Estellencs is a fishing village. Because rocks tumble down from the mountain tops, the seashore and coastline are full of rocks. The water is amazingly clear. Local fishing boats are stored in cabins cut into the side of the mountain. Estellencs beach is great for snorkeling, swimming and snorkeling. If you are looking for a quiet place to enjoy the beach, this is it.

Estellencs harbor
View of Estellencs Harbour

Travel to Estellencs from Palma

I can meet you at a cafe in the Estellencs Mountain Village at which time we would start a tour of this quiet and charming town. If you are thinking of staying in Estellencs for a few days, there are some lovely villas that are available.

Estellencs Mountain Village
View from the Cafe in Cala Estellencs

You can travel to Estellencs from Palma using Ma-10 and Ma-1. A taxi would cost around 45 dollars. The time with a taxi is 40 minutes. A bus trip of one hour is also available from Palma. The bus leaves Palma every four hours. It would be Line 202 and the cost is around 7 dollars. After you arrive from Palma, we could meet in the village and enjoy our hike down to the coastline.