Family Hike to San Telmo

hike with Daniela, tour guide

Fishermen’s Village of San Telmo

Join me on a family hike to the historic fishermen’s village of San Telmo. It is located in the southwest part of the Serra de Tramuntana mountains. The views there are one of the most beautiful in Mallorca. The village of San Telmo has a population of about 400 residents. After our short walk through the pine forest, we found fantastic scenery looking over to the Dragonera Island.

hike on San Telmo trail
Family hike to San Telmo

Sailboats of all sizes were racing through the pass between Mallorca and Dragonera. We visited the ruins of the watch tower built during the 16th century. Suddenly we turned corner on the path and the children were excited to see the tower in the distance.

Lunch in San Telmo Village

After completing our 5km journey, we returned back to San Telmo through the coastline path. The village overlooks the sea, and we found a restaurant serving delicious traditional Majorcan cuisine including small tapas and fresh seafood. The views were terrific, with a few islands to see off the coastline. The historic village includes traditional Spanish architecture and the Church of Sant Elm, which dates back to the 16th century.

We were fortunate to complete our tour and lunch when suddenly it started to rain, on our journey back from San Telmo.

Tour Guide on Mallorca
Daniela, Island Tour Guide

San Telmo Hike Details

Hike Details: the hike distance was 5 km with a total walking time of 3 hours. Our elevation at our highest point was at 200 meters. Visit my website page for more information on Mallorca Hiking Tours.