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Hiking Tours of Serra de Tramuntana

Join me, for some enjoyable Mallorca hiking tours in the Serra de Tramuntana Mountains. We can hike and explore Mallorca along the popular Mallorca trails. There are a variety of walking and running trail routes you can choose, depending on your hiking experience and your available time. The whole length of Drystone Route walking trail is 140km long. You can choose and trek routes from a few kilometers to a full day of hiking. Many of the trails have hostels along the way for an overnight stay. Listed below are a variety of treks on Mallorca. Some are shorter distance hikes we can enjoy in a morning or afternoon tour. Here is more information on the well-known Dry-Stone GR 221 hike.

Mallorca Island is not just for beach lovers, hike the Serra de Tramuntana with Daniela!

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Mallorca Day Hikes

We can meet at specific locations to begin this easy walk in Mallorca. I am flexible with the time and date as you plan to hike Mallorca. Also, I can help you plan your journey to our trek location. There are easy walks in Mallorca. I can suggest some interesting old villages that might appeal to you. Then of course, consider the amount of time you have for the trek. Another easy walk is the Estellencs Hike, this village on the west coast is quiet and has a small beach for a swim.

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Mallorca Day Walks

Mallorca Hiking Tours with Daniela!

There are many historic villages where we will be comfortable walking and hiking along the narrow streets to see centuries old houses. When we leave the villages we can walk through the surrounding hills, for instance. So, call me and let me give you my best ideas for Mallorca hiking tours for your visit to Mallorca!

Hiking Tours of Tramuntana Villages

Do you need to take a break a few days and you are not a beach lover? If you are passionate about nature and the mountains, this is the perfect way to get to know the island and discover the mountains. UNESCO World Heritage, tradition and nature make Serra de Tramuntana a must-see corner of Mallorca. This impressive mountain range is almost 90 km long.

Mallorca Hiking Tours
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Hike Mallorca with Daniela, Tour Guide

If you are a nature and hike lover and you want to avoid crowds, let me show you the local hiking routes full of beautiful views and heritage elements. I will meet you in Palma and from there we will take the transportation to the mountains. We will hike partly on the famous GR221 hiking trail called “Dry Stone Route” that attracts many tourists from all over the world.

A part of the amazing views we will enjoy the possessions and “fincas” with cultivated terraces built with dry stone walls, ancient irrigation systems from Muslim era and the olive trees that are almost 1000 years old! After approximately 2 hours of hiking, we will stop for a picnic apart from fantastic views we will probably be accompanied by wild goats. In summer it will be possible to take a swim in the crystalline water in one of the beaches on our way. In the case of bad weather, we will find another time for our experience, or you will get a full refund. If it is still not enough hiking for you, why not take my other tour afterwards? Check all my experience!

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Family Hikes on Mallorca

If you have a family including children with different ages, here is a workable hiking and backpacking plan. Soller is in the Sierra de Tramuntana. This tour is 4 hours in length. You will experience fantastic views over the Soller valley with citrus groves, terraces of olive trees. We will see picturesque towns and villages along some unique landscaping. We meet in the center of Soller and walk along Calle Luna, the main shopping district in town. Visit this post for information on a family hike to San Telmo.

Mallorca Hiking Tours
Hike to San Telmo

With this family hike in Mallorca, your children will learn about citrus growing and olive oil production. Along the hiking trail, we can have freshly squeezed orange juice and small Mallorca Tapas. We will then wind back to the center of Soller to finish this easy walk which is suitable for everyone including families with small children.

Let’s Hike sa Foradada

This is an interesting hike with wonderful views and delicious food along the trek! I will teach you about the history of this location. We can hike for 45 minutes along a trail of red rocks. After you relax, we will start our walk back to the public parking lot. I enjoy this hike along the Sa Foradada range of hills. First, you will park at the public parking area, then we walk to the trail.

Sa Foradada tour on Mallorca
Hike Sa Foradada

Mallorca Island Hiking Tours with Daniela

If weather permits, you can swim in the vibrant and clear, salty waters of the Mediterranean Sea, then I will share with you the story of the magical rock with the eye! Enjoy about 45 minutes in this area because we will then visit my favorite little eatery for delicious Spanish food. They serve traditional paella which is cooked over coals. You can only reach Sa Foradada by hiking or motorboat. After your adventure, we will hike back to the public parking lot for your vehicle.

The Sierra de Tramuntana is a UNESCO world heritage site. Running along the Galatzo trail will provide beautiful scenery along the Mallorca coastline. The trail climbs two peaks’ of 1000 meters and when you end your trek, you will be at sea level.

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Run the Galatzo Trail!

On the coastline of Mallorca is Sierra de Tramuntana. There is a K42 and K21 Marathon that starts in the town of Calvia. Enjoyable Mallorca Hiking trails travel through mountain trails, a forest and along a stream towards Es Capdella. You will run through two mountain peaks and end at sea level. With your trek on the Galatzo Trail, you will discover the natural beauty of Mallorca Island.