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Tour of Palma de Mallorca

Tour Mallorca Vineyards

Together, we will create a personalized tour of vineyards on Mallorca Island. No hassles, no large groups, just a fun experience. Surely, we will travel this beautiful island for the top choice of Mallorca Wine Tasting Tours. Additionally, during some of my unique tours, you will learn about the meticulous care and process used to make Mallorca Wines.

Vineyard tour on Mallorca Island
Vineyard Tours

Firstly, we all know Mallorca Island is famous for beautiful beaches with white sand. However, the island has much more to offer in addition to sunshine and tapas. Similarly, you will learn that the original production of wine was brought to the island by the ancient Romans around 121 BC. Likewise, the wines of Mallorca were discussed by Pliny the Elder when he wrote about the island in the first century AD.

Wine tour on Mallorca Island
Wine Tour on Mallorca Island
Touring a winery on Mallorca Island
Hidden Winery on Mallorca

The Boutique Wineries on Mallorca

In Mallorca are smaller, boutique wineries creating specialty wines available for islanders and visitors. Specifically, the area of Binissalem was granted a regulatory classification of DOP, ‘denominacion de origen’, this is similar to the hierarchical systems for wine production in France and Italy. This is important for Mallorca wine industry.

Wine tour on Mallorca Island
Wine and Tapas in Palma de Mallorca

Historical City Walk for Wine and Tapas

For one of my favorite tours, we will meet in Palma de Mallorca and walk around this vibrant city to visit the historical sites. While we are enjoying our relaxed walk, we can stop along the way at some of my favorite Tapas Bars.

Tour Vineyards on Mallorca Island

Hidden Wineries Tour

Hello all wine lovers! Firstly, let’s meet in Plaza Espanya or the place of your staying in Palma and from there we will take a transportation to the countryside. I will then introduce you an ancient agricultural property located in the middle of Mallorca. The estate has wines of different varieties, perfectly adapted to the soil and bioclimatic conditions. All grapes are harvested by hand! After a guided walk through the vineyards of the estate you will participate in a tasting session of four of the wines paired with the typical Mallorca tapas. Please check my other experiences and you are free to customize your tour!

Wine glasses at winery tasting
Wine Tasting on Mallorca

Wine at Sunset on Mallorca

Certainly, I know of some restaurants on the beach that serve great local wines and a traditional Mallorca dinner. Of course, your views of the Mediterranean fresh and vibrant sea are included!

Mallorca wine tour
Taste Mallorca Wines at Sunset