Palma Soller Train Tour

Soller Train ride

Historic Train Journey from Palma to Soller

Ride and tour the Palma Soller train on tracks and original cars that are over 100 years old. You start at the Plaza de Espanya in the heart of Palma de Mallorca. Using at the original train station in art deco style, you will purchase your tickets which include the tram ride from Soller to Port de Soller.

Train from Palma de Mallorca to Soller
Palma to Soller Train
Train in Soller center
Train arrives to Soller

Once on the Palma Soller Train Railway, ‘clickity clack’, ‘clickity clack’, are the sounds you hear as we leave the busy city of Palma and travel into the countryside. Undoubtedly well known for farmlands of almonds and fruit trees. The trains on our tour are century old and with beautifully lacquered wood and glass windows.

Palma Soller Railway Tour

Your journey will take you to Soller, which is the center of Serra de Tramuntana. A popular stop along the way is Bunyola. This village is at the foot of Serra d’Alfabia. The Bunyola train station was built over 100 years ago. When you arrive to Bunyola, the train director will allow us a few minutes for pictures of the countryside.

Soller Train in center of town
Train traveling through Soller

We will talk about Alfabia Gardens, construction for the farmhouse began in the twelfth century. Specifically, it was built and constructed by the Arabs during their domination of Mallorca Island. We will pass through tunnels that were cut into the rugged landscape. When we arrive to the Soller Railway station, we can stop for lunch or snacks as we walk through the charming center of the old village. Then continue our tour on the Tram.

Tram to Port Soller

Further, in 1913, the Soller train station was built. In earlier days, the Tram served as public transportation from the city to the port. As we tour, I will tell you about the barbary pirates who tried to sack the city in May 1561. Along the way we will see the Heroes of May 1561 Monument to those who served to protect their town.