Soller Valldemossa Tour

Visit Serra de Tramuntana

Let me guide you on a tour of historic Valldemossa and Soller. These charming communities have culture and heritage for which they were declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The old towns are located in the Serra de Tramuntana Mountain range which is in northwest Mallorca.

No matter which month you choose to Tour Valldemossa and Soller, there is something unique to see in every season. In addition, there is also a historic train to Soller that takes about one hour from Palma.

Many areas of Mallorca offer hiking, cycling, golf and horseback riding. You will see that Valldemossa offers all of this in their precious and historic town. On July 28, this historic community has the celebration of the Patron Saint of Valldemossa with parades along the streets. Around this same time in July the Annual Artdemossa has events of Art and other exhibitions.

Tour of Mallorca Hills
Trek along Tramontana

Discover Valldemossa Tour

Valldemossa is well known for hiking, cycling, horse riding and rock climbing. In addition, there are wonderful restaurants located in the area to enjoy true Mallorcan cuisine. After dinner, you can walk around to family bakeries and cafe’s found on nearly every street in Valldemossa. As you travel away from Valldemossa, there is a delightfully charming restaurant called Ca’n Costa. This restaurant has the antique d├ęcor of an old converted oil mill. In addition, you will find the food and wine is terrific!

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Day Trip Tour of Valldemossa

This Historic city is located in the northwest part of Island of Mallorca. Valldemossa is a vibrant community with a famous landmark, the Royal Charterhouse of Valldemossa. This popular landmark was built in the beginning of the 14th century. In addition, since the 19th century Valldemossa has been known for it’s amazing beauty. The beauty of the community is due to the promotion by the Austrian Archduke, Ludwig Salvator.

With many shops and restaurants, it is no wonder that Valldemossa is popular for tourists to enjoy the pleasure that Valldemossa provides. When you tour Mallorca with me, I will bring you to the well-known restaurants which offer truly Mallorcan cuisine including a mix of seafood and Spanish modern foods.

Visit Port de Soller

A great way to travel to Soller is on the Soller train ride is a great way to leave the busy city of Palma and enjoy a quiet journey. You will travel over viaducts and then through tunnels and over the Serra de Tramuntana mountains. On your journey, you will see orange and lemon trees, several bridges and viaducts. In addition, from Soller, a wooden tram connects the town to its port. Port de Soller is a charming old port in Northwest coast of Mallorca.

Restaurant on Mallorca Island
Aromas Cafe near Valldemossa

Three lighthouses and the old streets in the fishermen’s village make Port de Soller a great location for vacation photography. Here is my link of more tour information of the Serra de Tramuntana Mountains and the most beautiful gardens in Mallorca.

Visit Alfabia Gardens

It was Arabic horticulture that began this garden in 1229. This beautiful location is near the main road to Palma. The gardens are in Bunyola, part of Serra de Tramuntana Mountains. In addition to touring the gardens, we can walk through the mansion complex that exists on the property. In this tour, you will see architecture dating back to 1170.