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Tours of Mallorca Island

There are so many beautiful locations to visit on Mallorca. On your tour of Mallorca with me, you will see what the locals know and treasure. For many years I have provided tours to visitors from all over the world. I enjoy this island, it is now my home.

Tour of Mallorca Island
Mallorca Island Tours

Tour Valldemossa

This Historic city is located in the northwest part of Island of Mallorca. Valldemossa is a vibrant community with a famous landmark, the Royal Charterhouse of Valldemossa. This popular landmark was built in the beginning of the 14th century. In addition, since the 19th century Valldemossa has been known for it’s amazing beauty. The beauty of the community is due to the promotion by the Austrian Archduke, Ludwig Salvator.

With many shops and restaurants, it is no wonder that Valldemossa is popular for tourists to enjoy the pleasure that Valldemossa provides. When you tour Mallorca with me, I will bring you to the well known restaurants which offer truly Mallorcan cuisine including a mix of seafood and Spanish modern foods. Here is more information about a Valldemossa Tour.

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Best Tour of Mallorca with a Local Guide

Many areas of Mallorca offers hiking, cycling, golf and horseback riding. You will see that Valldemossa offers all of this in their precious and historic town. On July 28, this historic community has the celebration of the Patron Saint of Valldemossa with parades along the streets. Around this same time in July the Annual Artdemossa has events of Art and other exhibitions.

Did you know that the one of a kind pastry from Mallorca is ensaimada. You will experience this tasty desert as a sweet, coil-shaped pastry which was written about in the early 17th century. So, during that time, wheat flour was used for making bread. Delicious pastries are made from pork lard and sold throughout Mallorca Island. However, only some bakeries have the plaque which indicate their ensaimada is official and genuine.

Let’s Hike Sa Foradada!

I enjoy this hike along the Sa Foradada range of hills. First, you will park at the public parking area, then we walk to the trail. You can swim in the vibrant and clear, salty waters of the Mediterranean Sea, then I will share with you the story of the magical rock with the eye! Enjoy about 45 minutes in this area because we will then visit my favorite little eatery for delicious Spanish food. You can only reach Sa Foradada by hiking or motorboat. After your adventure, we will hike back to the public parking lot for your vehicle. Here is a link showing the fun we can have while on the Sa Foradada tour!

Tour beautiful Porto Cristo
Coastline of Porto Cristo

Mallorca Island scenery
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